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Nauheim Skylights

CAD-Details: square

CAD-Details: round

CAD-Details: rectangular

CAD-Details: pyramids


Nauheim Standard Striplights

CAD-Details: Striplights


Important note:
The following drawings present only a small part of Börner's extensive range, and give a sense of the scope for pre-planning. We reserve all rights for these drawings. They may not be reproduced or disclosed to third parties without our prior consent, and may also not be misused by the receiver or third parties in other ways (DIN34). Services from other disciplines are not presented to scale. This presentation is only intended to illustrate the principles of the installation. There is no guarantee of accuracy.

We use MEGACAD to produce your individual drawing according to your instructions, and can also produce this in 3D. Data exchange, for example with Autocad (DWG) can also be performed.

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