Rectangular Skylights

for ventilation, lighting and natural smoke removal

The Nauheim skylight dome has been produced for more than half a century.

The dome has been deployed in a variety of areas thousands of times. This classic product fits the latest technical standards and requirements. Due to constant innovation, the Nauheim rooflight dome can be used in any installation area.

  • Residential architecture
  • Industrial construction
  • Sports facilities
  • Facades

Any installation can be satisfied with our classic solutions while complying with current standards. We always deliver the best solution to fit customer needs, whether in one, two, three or four-leaf designs. Our conventional glazing consists of acrylic glass (PMMA) or high-impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC). Our full range of Skylights is permanently assured of not falling through in accordance with GS-BAU 18.1 and DIN EN 1873 standards.

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