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For over 70 years, BÖRNER products have stood for quality through expertise. They combine experience with continuous development, combining knowledge with progress.

The result is a high quality of our skylights, which adapt to the latest technical demands and requirements, our rooflights for a uniform and large-scale illumination, and our facade glazing of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets.

Our standards for you:



Modern glass elements made of polycarbonate are firmly established in architecture as a stylish fafade cladding and are indispensable.

Freiflächenüberdachung S-Bahn-Haltestelle

Ground-Mounted Enclosures

Ground-Mounted Enclosures for all individual construction projects Whether as a connecting passageway, carport or entire courtyard roof – the flexibly structured barrel vault roof from BÖRNER can be made for…
Sanierung des Tageslichtbands

Renovation of Rooflights

Renovation of Rooflights necessary, but also attractive Roof structures made of wire-reinforced glass, commonly found in railway stations and industrial buildings, are in need of repair due to years of…
Spitzgleibliges Lichtband bei MAN in Augsburg

Smoke and Heat Extraction (SHE)

Smoke and Heat Extraction (SHE) for the case of fire Nauheim rooflight louvers consist of a natural bare aluminum base with silicone seals and an aluminum fan frame. Glazing is…

Domed Rooflights

Domed Rooflights for daylight Nauheim Rooflights are manufactured in domed form with various radii (pitch), depending upon the span. The skylight width is also variable. The grid width is 1.06 m.…
Spitzgieblige Lichtbänder

Gable Rooflights

Gable Rooflights for daylight Nauheim sharp-gabled rooflights are ideal for building roofs as well as separate roof sections. They are infinitely variable in pitch and construction width, and can be…


Börner Rooflights guarantee a perfect daylight incidence.

Renovation of Skylights

Renovation of Skylights for clever and environmental protection Vertical glazing or peak glazing: We can restore regardless of the size – on request with the inclusion of ventilation or RWA…
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