Acrylic Glass – Take a look!

Acrylic glass or polycarbonate is weatherproof and has a high self-cleaning effect. The polycarbonate sheets are 16mm or thicker, and are hail-resistant and vandalism-proof. The light transmission in the standard opal product is 75 %; the colorless clear product’s transmission is 83 %.

This transparency remains in place even after several years. Opal acrylic glass or polycarbonate is glare-free and therefore ideal for production or sports hall glazing. Despite its low weight per unit area, the Striplights also provide excellent sound insulation.

The materials are completely fire-safe: minimal smoke development, no burning drops, and very few toxic fumes are produced. The acrylic and polycarbonate products completely fulfill DIN 4102 standard in fire protection for construction materials and components – a very special feature of these materials.

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