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When Architecture Meets Brewing Art

When Architecture Meets Brewing Art

Börner skylights illuminates Hundertwasser Building Ensemble on the site of brewery Kuchlbauer in Bavaria.

Now it is even more worth one's while to visit Abensberg in Bavaria, especially since it has become known that the planned Hundertwasser House in Dresden will not be realized at all. In the meanwhile, the 'Kuchlbauer Tower' and the 'KunstHaus Abensberg', both inspired by the famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, have entered the league of the region’s most popular attractions. The tradition enterprise Hans Börner GmbH has contributed a great deal to the exceptional overall image of the ensemble with their customized skylights.

Experienced partner for the innovative use of natural light
Börner is one of the oldest and most experienced skylight manufacturers in Germany. Their expertise in consulting, planning and implementing exceptional architectural projects has made them an ideal partner for realizing the Hundertwasser Building Ensemble in Abensberg. Hundertwasser's vision of natural and humane building structures perfectly fits with Börner's notion of natural light as universal life energy. Börner offers a wide variety of options for integrating daylight into existing or newly created architecture by means of skylights and striplights.

After Hundertwasser's death, the architect Peter Pelikan took over the planning of the 'Kuchlbauer Tower'. Pelikan, who has worked with Hundertwasser for many years, believes that architecture should be fun. He states that "houses must be harmonious, in harmony with nature." Following the successful cooperation of Pelikan and Kuchlbauer, Pelikan has also done the planning of the "KunstHaus Abensberg" for the brewery. Since 2014, it houses a Hundertwasser exhibition.

In order to be true to Pelikan's vision, Börner has designed a blue colored skylight for the top of the tower. Its light represents water as basic element of life. Moreover, transparent floor skylights with a diameter of 2,7m illuminate the underground fossil collection of the tower. In the center of the 'KunstHaus', an old oak carries the stairs to the top. Her dignity and beauty is perfectly spotlighted by the golden light provided by a yellow skylight that was designed only for this purpose.

Hundertwasser Building is a present for the region
The idea for the redesign of the brewery grounds came from Leonard Salleck, owner of Kuchlbauer brewery. He intended the tower as a present to the people of his region. Salleck says about his inspiration for the redesign: "It is my dream for Abensberg to become a hotspot for architecture enthusiasts." In 'Kuchlbauer's Beer World", you can look the wheat beer specialist’s employees over the shoulder across all stages of the brewing process. Now, more and more international visitors are drawn to visit the hop-growing region due to the Hundertwasser Tower and the KunstHaus.

Abensberg is also the starting point of the German Hop Route. And besides 'Kuchlbauer's Beer World', Abensberg also features many historic buildings worth visiting as well as a wide variety of local gastronomy. The brewery Kuchlbauer is the oldest recorded brewery in Abensberg dating back to 1300, which also makes it one of the oldest breweries in the world.

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