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Certified Fall Protection System for Working on Skylights

Certified Fall Protection System for Working
on Skylights

Anchor point by Börner lowers maintenance costs through reduced protection expenditure

Maintenance work on roof skylights can be dangerous. Therefore, safety obligations apply when working above a height of two meters. In order to protect the workers from falling, a fall protection system must be in place. The requirements in relation to accident prevention are defined in the EN 363:2008 "Personal fall protection equipment – Personal fall protection systems" and the DIN EN 795 "Personal fall protection equipment – Anchorage devices", amongst others. Hans Börner GmbH & Co. KG recently launched an anchorage system for curbs made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin (GRP) that is designed to meet these standards. This has just been confirmed by a testing institute of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) in a conformity assessment. The outstanding feature of Börner's anchorage system: It is also authorized for usage as anchor point for roof works. This reduces the expenditure for rope protection

Suitable for all curb geometries
The anchorage system by Börner is suitable for all skylight curbs whether they are round, square, rectangular or triangular. Fall protection eyelets for one person can be pre-installed even into vertical and customized skylights. The anchor point is intended for the attachment of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Annual maintenance is necessary in order to ensure the functionality of skylights over time and to maintain their commercial value. With the certified rope protection and the associated reduced rope expenditure, inspections become much more economical.