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Daylight Systems (Skylights) Made of Acrylic Glass

BÖRNER is an expert for acrylic glass. The core of our business is the production of modern skylights. As a german manufacturer we offer quality products for professional architects. Our modern daylight systems are famous for their versatility and proven in thousands of applications. We offer skylights made of plexiglass (PMMA) and rooflights mostly made of polycarbonate (PC). We want to meet the needs of our customers. Thus our engineers are willing to create custom designs that provide impressive lighting effects. The Nauheim skylight has been produced for over half a century. This true classic from our product range of daylight systems adapts flexibly to the latest technical demands and requirements. Due to constant innovation, the Nauheim skylight can be used in any installation environment.

Our daylight systems can be used for:

  • Residential architecture
  • Industrial construction
  • Sports facilities
  • Facades
  • The BÖRNER skylights are „PERMANENTLY FALL-THROUGH PROOF“ as per GS-BAU and the DIN EN 1873 design.
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