Ground-Mounted Enclosures

for all individual construction projects

Whether as a connecting passageway, carport or entire courtyard roof – the flexibly structured barrel vault roof from BÖRNER can be made for specific projects.

These are individually and accurately made using CAD construction. Nauheim semi-circular barrel construction is heat treated at the factory and are therefore free of tension, which has a positive effect on the entire structure.

Nauheim barrel construction is frequently used as a canopy for petrol stations and rest areas. It protects customers and petrol dispensers from the weather, such as rain and snow.

Acrylic solid and multi-wall sheets and polycarbonate multi-wall sheets in natural polished aluminum rungs made of AlMgSi and glazing beads with EPDM gaskets which are connected by stainless steel screws. Structural steel supports and water drainage are typically created on the construction site – the construction width and pitch of the BÖRNER flexible barrel vaults can be adjusted according to these specifications.

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