Nauheim Facade Skylights

Space and light are closely related. Therefore, spatial concepts require specific lighting techniques: character, structure and the presence of objects can thus be specifically highlighted.
Our Nauheim facade Skylights lend interiors and facades an architectural profile. Their various sizes of grid surfaces and arrangements can give space and an individual pattern of daylight.
The shape, size and pitch are variable, and can be manufactured in accordance with customer desires.
The Nauheim vertical glazing using a tongue and groove design provides an absolutely flat facade, with no unsightly longitudinal and transverse joints.

Polycarbonate multi-wall sheets are provided in milky opal, clear, or colored as desired. The sheets are circumferentially edged with U-shaped aluminum frames.
Eaves facing the street are also available in the form of window sills. The wind loads are routed by negative pressure hooks to the transverse side of the sub frames.

Swinging ventilation wings can be optionally integrated.

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