Pyramids-shaped Skylights

for smoke ventilation, lighting, ventilation and roof hatches

The Nauheim pyramid is an architectural classic.

It is a visual highlight: whether in private residential or industrial construction, the dome offers many opportunities for high-quality structural solutions, and is often placed in representative areas. It meets the current Energy Savings Conservation Act standards with its three- or four-shell configuration. The carefully balanced relationship between side length and angle forms an aesthetic harmony, making the pyramid a remarkable design element. It is formed in one piece, without seams and joints. This pyramid form is characterized by its stability.

Nauheim pyramids meet the highest demands for quality, whether in three-, six-, octagonal, square or rectangular with curved sides, crystal clear, colored or opal. The Nauheim pyramids can be manufactured in various sizes. Accessory parts, such as ventilation and natural smoke exhaust can be used with the standard products.

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