for tested safety

Upon customer request, the company can submit the following certificates:

DIN EN 12101 – European Norm, certified RWA – system components
DIN EN 18232 – European Norm, certified RWA – system component

ID 0394sK03Passive house light domes Certificate – Passive House Institute
ID 1072sK02Passive House Dark Flap Certificate – Passive House Institute

VdS license – certified RWA – system components VdS
(„Vertrauen durch Sicherheit“ – Trust through Safety) is an independent institution, engaging in safety and trust in the areas fire safety and security. It develops state-of-the-art safety concepts for leading industrial and commercial enterprises, market leaders and system houses as well as specialist firms and experts.

CE – certified System components
The CS-identification is a visual label indicating that the product corresponds to the requirements of the European Union. With the CE-label the manufacturer confirms that the products meet all the requirements legally prescribed for the CE-label and a the same time warranties that the product may be sold within the European Union.

AbZ „Allgemeinbauaufsichtliche Zulassungen des Deutschen Institutes für Bautechnik (DIBt)“

BG – test certification in accordance with the GS-Bau 18.1
lightdomes, windows, roof protection, steel bar grates BG-test certificate – for products that passed the test and certification process of the DGUV („Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung“ – German statutory accident insurance) a DGUV test certificate can be issued, entitling to affix a DGUV test label.
A GS test certification can be issued if the product is subject to the product safety act (ProdSG). The product may be labelled with the GS-label.

DIN EN ISO 9001ff – certified quality management

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