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First Home Victory under the New Roof

First Home Victory under the New Roof

Last Saturday, the SK Rapid Vienna inaugurated the new Allianz Stadium with a victory against Chelsea

The new Allianz Stadium has been inaugurated last Saturday, after the Strabag AG had handed over the new stadium to the Austrian record football champion SK Rapid Vienna in early July. In the sold out stadium, the Austrian vice Champion under the new German coach Mike Büskens met Chelsea FC, the successful football club based in London. 28 000 fans watched how SK Rapid's Brazilian striker Joelinton scored in the 8th minute already. In the 82nd minute, the Spaniard Tomi scored the second goal for SK Rapid and thus tied up the club's first home victory under the new roof.

Seats for almost 29,000 spectators

The new home stadium of Vienna's long-standing club was designed by the architect Guido Pfaffhausen. The stadium holds up to 28 600 persons and was built on the site of the much smaller Hanappi Stadium. The construction costs amounted to 53 million Euro, with a contribution of nearly 20 million Euro from the city of Vienna.

We have been significantly involved in the large-scale project Allianz Stadium and brought in our expertise in the construction of stadium roofs: In close cooperation with the Strabag AG in Vienna, we were responsible not only for the glazing of the stadium roof, but also for the facade glazing taking into account noise protection measures. Our expert assemblers have enjoyed their time in Vienna, although Vienna's famous new wine taverns have been off-limits for them obviously.

Four translucent shades of green

The glazing has been fitted with the high quality and robust material polycarbonate. “In Vienna, we created a symbiosis of translucent roof and wall glazings in the club colors of Rapid Vienna using four translucent shades of green”, explains Gerold Schleidt, sales manager of the family-owned business. He adds: “However, it has been a challenge to implement a consistently transparent glazing over the large roof area with a length of 32 meters and a cantilevered span of 1.5 meters. This required comprehensive structural planning involving in-depth model analyses, which we could realize smoothly thanks to the expertise and practical experience of Börner's employees.”

By this means, the dimensioning of the glazing material was calculated, for instance. Especially the curved segments demanded prudent and skilled planning and sophisticated design in terms of type of glazing and direction of laying.