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BÖRNER-minaret new landmark of Ulm

BÖRNER-minaret new landmark of Ulm

"It was supposed to be something special. A steeple that suits the old church steeples of Ulm. We are all brethren. It doesn’t matter if we say 'God' or 'Allah', we all mean the same God", says Hasan Yildiz. He is the chairman of the turkish-islamic cultural exchange association "Ditib" and emergency pastor for Muslims in that region. The steeple he is talking about is a turquois minaret and tops the mosque in Ulm.

One requirement was that the Hans Börner GmbH & Co. KG construction should be completely transparent. In addition, it was supposed to be very well visible in the dark. BÖRNER tackled that challenge. To stabilize the vitrification every segment was constructed with a concave deformation. That way even extreme wind forces don’t pose a problem for the structure. The unique end of the minaret is a top with crescent made out of copper. It was placed on top of the cone which is above a globe. This globe symbolizes the desire for unity between the three world religions.

BÖRNER is proud to have provided another contribution to the completion of the mosque. The dialogue between cultures and religions is important to us. We are looking forward to new projects, where we can apply our know-how to the very broad requirements of our customers.