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Progress: SK Rapid's Allianz Stadium is growing

Progress: SK Rapid's Allianz Stadium is growing

Hans Börner GmbH & Co. KG has started glazing the roof and facades of the Allianz stadium.

(Nauheim, December 21, 2015) The new Allianz stadium of SK Rapid Vienna is eventually taking shape. At the beginning of 2015, the first sod was turned and the completion of the shell was celebrated by the football club in mid-November. Currently, all trades are working on Vienna's most prominent construction site and also the Hans Börner GmbH & Co. KG has started glazing the roof and facades. The glazing material used is polycarbonate. It offers several advantages: Polycarbonate has high sound insulation and self-cleaning properties, is eather-resistant and shock-resistant.

The roof and facade not only provide protection from rain and strong sunlight, they also contribute to the engagement of the spectators - all the more so since the club color green is utilized in four transparent translucent tones as part of the glazing.

Stadium roofs must be planned thoroughly

For decades, Börner is acting in the international professional league of high-quality stadium roofs. With every project, Börner is breaking new ground. The biggest challenge with the Allianz Stadium was the continuous translucent glazing in the roof area measuring a length of 32 meters with a cantilevered span of 1.5 meters. This required comprehensive structural planning involving in-depth model analyses. By this means, the dimensioning of the glazing material was calculated. Especially the curves demanded prudent planning and sophisticated design in terms of type of glazing and direction of laying.

Börner glazings cover the stadiums in Nuremberg, Hoffenheim, Dresden, Cologne, Leverkusen and Bremen, as well as in Vienna, Bucharest, Brasilia and Natal (Brazil). The Börner design team is known for always developing innovative ideas and German and international architects appreciate Börner's flexibility and competence with custom designs.